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Exquisite Private Erotic Massage

Posted : 30+ days old

Location : CENTENNIAL PARK-NSW-2021 (NSW - Sydney)

Age :31-36

Gender :Female

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There was this woman he saw….

He knew when he first set eyes on her... she was the answer to some persistent, wordless need. Before their first meeting, he was indescribably nervous; then the door opened on a warm smile and welcoming embrace that left no room for anxiety. A realm opened between them.

She became his secret sanctuary; a meditative, spontaneous, riveting adventure. The view was unforgettable: playful dark eyes and high cheekbones framed by wild dark hair; a soft sensuous mouth with lips that effortlessly formed and inspired smiles of abandonment; a landscape of velvety olive skin. Her warmth, her company, her smell were intoxicating. The images and sensations were burned in his memory, and when he was alone they could overwhelm him deliciously if he lingered on them long enough.

But it was her way of connecting with him, her way of feeling what he needed and responding exactly right and better, the way she accepted him exactly as he was, that let him let go.

I know the feeling that you have. If we are lucky, then this is a feeling we both have. Something just to start with that we will share that will become something settled and fixed. Restlessness need not be made entirely of brick walls, but can be fashioned very temptingly into an open ocean of calm white waves of cloud, both elegant and sensuous - waves in which we might temporarily disappear, taking us to weightless relaxation, where nothing holds you back, or me.

But back here, on the ground, we'll have to turn this restlessness of yours into a door. If you have the same feeling that I know you do, this door is for you. Open up, and welcome in, to transformation, elevation and newness.

With me you will find the calm white waves of a different sea, and before you leave I'll help you float away, on your way someplace wonderful. A pretty sea, surrounded in the thickness of a physical sensuality so perfect it feels you may swim its outer reaches, but when you are ready to open your eyes fully, you'll see me looking up at you, smiling so.

Thank you for finding me. I am a highly skilled and experienced erotic artist, masseuse and companion based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. I invite you to explore so that you may learn more about me and what I have to offer. I am currently accepting new clients on a limited basis

My name is Natasha, a palatial guide in the soft, delightful world of sensual companionship, within the curved walls and sweetly scented bliss covered within the parameters of sensual touch.

Since I am going to be keeping you company, I should say to you that you will soon know me as kind and gentle, strong and generous. With a beautiful smile in the privacy of this room, my time will become yours and yours mine.

It is a joy to meet new people, as it is a joy to meet familiar faces too long out of sight. I will provide you with a sanctuary, one you really ought to be familiar with more often, where you can be safe from every last thing else you'd like to leave on the outside beyond the door to your sanctuary. I want to explore the physical with you, discover and pull the tension away, turn up the switch in you that raises the temperature that will melt away all the cares in your world so you have none during our time.

A culture of eroticism runs naturally through my blood, thanks to my French and Thai heritage. I have long, glossy auburn hair combined with olive skin, liquid brown eyes and full red lips. I have a slender, yet curvaceous size 8 figure with a DD cup natural bust, small waist and long legs. I have a quiet, elegant, friendly nature and I will try and ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed in my care. Even if you are nervous, you will be at ease within moments of meeting me.

I will put you on my massage table making your body into my canvas. I will artfully and sensually rub away any stress or tension until you melt in my hands. I will invigorate all your senses with an exquisite muscle melting, body to body massage.

There is nothing for you to do except indulge and escape reality amongst warm candlelight and mystical erotic music. Using a blend of different massage techniques, you will enjoy a deeply fulfilling sensual touch that will ease your aches and pains and take you to a place of complete peace and relaxation.

Heated aromatic oil is lathered all over your body as the strokes intensify to a deep tissue massage which slowly turns sensual until you feel completely aroused. I will slide my body and breasts over your entire body, from head to toe in different positions that will leave you wanting more! Taking time to climax to your full potential is satisfying and completely pleasurable. My slow and sensual tantric cock strokes will have you climaxing in waves of explosive pleasure!

I offer you sensuality, thoughtful intimate conversation and a playful feminine connection; however I am not a full-service provider. Sex is not offered in my sessions. You may find that, within this boundary, a rare closeness and eroticism become possible as we get to know each other better. My presence becomes an intimate sanctuary, allowing a creatively sexy space and sublime freedom from expectations and stress. From our conversations you will feel genuine connection and understanding. From my touch you will feel nurtured, teasing anticipation and deep satisfaction.

I will always treat you with warmth, understanding, and respect. I am honest and impeccable in all of my dealings as well as extremely clean and conscientious. If you choose to spend your time with me, then I will be happy to spend mine with you. I'll be waiting, in the comfort of my studio in the soft light over the table.

I look forward to spending sweet time with you.

Yours in anticipation,

Natasha 0422608117. The consideration for my time is:
30 mins ~ $180
45 mins ~ $220
60 mins ~ $260
90mins ~ $380

Please call on weekdays between 11am - 8pm only. Weekends between 12pm - 6pm (I do not return calls or texts received outside these times). My location is Paddington (near the old Sydney Cricket Ground stadium).


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