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Posted : Sunday 17th of February 2019

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Location : SYDNEY-NSW-2000 (NSW - Sydney)

Age :23-26

Gender :Female


                                                                                                          Empire Escorts Sydney 
                                                                                                       0487 003 223 


                                                                                            EARN $500 - $10,000 WEEKLY

Empire Escorts is one of Sydney's Leading Escort Agencies and we have the experience to back it up. Don't fall victim to unprofessional companies or random pop up agencies and their smoke and mirrors. We will assure you are always paid, safe and treated professionally as you would be in any other industry. We pride ourselves on being honest and our unique approach makes us innovative and a stand out in the industry. We actually care that our ladies are achieving their goals and maintaining a balanced lifestyle; that's why we have structured our Agency to be mutually beneficial so you're not finding yourself constantly behind the 8 ball. 

Female Owned & Operated 

Caring Management 

No Experience Necessary - Mentoring Provided 

Awesome Clients / Kind Co-workers

Complete Screening IS ACTUALLY Done Prior to Meeting with Clients

Security Provided

Discreet & Confidential 

Higher Commissions, Higher Rates

Choose Your Roster Weekly 

Get Paid For Your Time - Don't sit in an office or establishment wasting your time waiting for clients, go to dinner, hang with friends. We will call you when you're needed!

**Unfortunately due to many other advertisers copying our intellectual property directly from our website pages, we must remind you this information is under copyright law, please **DO NOT COPY.** 

If you are interested we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us for a confidential, no pressure chat on 0487 003 223
or email some info about yourself and three photos to [email protected] (professional or non professional shots - all information is treated as highly confidential).

                                                                           Apply directly at


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