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In The Sunlight of Awareness Everything Becomes Sacred

Posted : 30+ days old

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Location : ALEXANDRIA-NSW-2015 (NSW - Sydney)

Age :27-30

Gender :Female


Step inside your skin for a moment. Let go of distraction and overthinking. What will it take to bring you into awareness? Breath? Pleasure?


Let me be your guide.


As a lover I offer you my presence, openness and a sincere wish to help guide you into new realms of pleasure; to push you, inspire you and hold you. I offer you my body as a canvas for your desires. I offer you my honesty and guidance so that we can give and take pleasure in a genuinely intimate way. This is often thought about as Tantra or Tantric sex but I prefer to just think of it as being here now, with you.


As a highly skilled bodyworkerI blend Lomi Lomi Massage and tantric techniques with a whole lot of passion and a not insignificant amount of intuition to take you on an ecstatic sensory journey. When you give yourself permission to feel pleasure and to be pleasured emotional blocks crumble, you come fully into the moment and the lasting effect on all areas of your life can be truly profound. 


What do you need? 


Full service sessions  

45 mins - $350 

1 hour - $400 

90 mins - $500 


Bodywork sessions  

1 hour - $300 

90 mins - from $400 

2 hours - from $500


If you’d like to enjoy touching me as a part of the bodywork experience I’m happy to include that for $50.


Contact me 

0468 873 479

[email protected]

Twitter: @elatedtouch




“Are your pictures real?/What do you look like?” - My pictures are recent and accurate. I am unashamedly soft. Some would call me a BBW. I wear a size 18. My E cup breasts are all natural. You’ll find me lightly tanned in summer and otherwise I’m a typical English rose with a peaches and cream complexion, soft skin and blue eyes. 


“Is bodywork like a Massage?” - Yes. I try to distinguish it from a “body rub” or a “rub and tug” style massage as it really is an experience! It’s hard to explain how your whole body is brought alive as you hold to a climax. You really must try it for yourself! 


“Are you naked during the bodywork session?” - I generally work topless. I can be naked for an extra fee. 


“Can I come/ejaculate during the bodywork session?” - YES! This is not “a massage and a handjob”. The whole experience is a delicious tease of your whole body, building to what I hope will be a truly mind blowing climax!


“What is involved in full service sessions?” - There are so many different ways that a full service session can play out but rest assured that kissing, cuddling, mutual oral and sex are all “available” to you.  I can include natural oral (provided that you pass a health check) for $50.


“I’m old/young/bigger bodied/inexperienced/a woman - Can I come and see you?” - I welcome people of all genders (including trans & gender diverse men, women and non-binary people), all bodies, abilities, shapes, shades and sizes. So - YES PLEASE! DON‘T BE SHY! 


“Where are you located?” - I’m Located in Sydney’s Inner West. I’m close to public transport, a short train ride from the city and there is ample free parking in the immediate vicinity. My sanctuary is clean, comfortable and private.



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