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WHITE DAKINI ~ Tantric Masseuse, 28yrs old, blonde, blue eyes, olive skin

Posted : Thursday 31st of January 2019

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Location : RUSHCUTTERS BAY-NSW-2011 (NSW - Sydney)

Age :27-30

Gender :Female





Tantra is a spiritual science which aims to coalesce body, heart and mind by awakening the senses and sharpening our subtle awareness of and connection to our inner and outer worlds. Through its practices we can become fully embodied with complete life experiences of natural ecstasy found in as little as a simple breath, the lightest touch of a feather.

Tantra brings the senses to the fore, honouring them as sacred gateways to the soul. As they receive attention and nourishment, the soul receives the richness, depth and bliss that life has to offer. Think of a delicious, ripe red apple you bite into and being able to savour every detail:

The shiny vibrant skin appealing to the sight,
the crisp crunching sound of teeth piercing into the flesh,
releasing that sweet fruity aroma and fresh droplets that drip
from the punctures into your mouth, onto your tongue,
the feel of the flesh breaking apart inside of your mouth,
freeing all of the juice,
swallowing and acknowledging the deep satisfaction
of having eaten something so beautiful and wholesome.

Through stimulating the sensory organs we tap into the central nervous system and deep into the psyche. From there, with conscious attention, we can begin to open the body's innate potential to evoke states of pure bliss. These experiences can inspire entirely new ways of being and approaching life.

Tantrikas, like other sages, explored unique routes to the Divine over thousands of years. They observed the interplay of dual aspects (i.e masculine/feminine, light/dark, spirit/matter, macrocosm/microcosm) within the self, of others and their surroundings and developed practices around the interplay to harmonise and unify these aspects. This together with the constant return to presence granted them access to an ultimate state of non-duality - Nirvana.

In Tantra, duality is seen as illusory. There is only oneness, manifesting as an infinite force field unifying all space, life and matter, concealed beneath sheaths of apparent separation. It teaches that beneath all of our wounding, our fundamental nature is whole and imbued with a divine intimacy and love beyond words. The householder and monk alike can attain liberation, as all aspects of daily life are used as fuel because of the perception that the Divine exists in everything.


A Tantric consultation is suggested before having a Tantric massage. It lays the foundations and sets clear intentions for Tantric massage. It can involve techniques of breath, meditation, visualisation, yoga and grounding as well as courtship, intimacy, sensual and sexual health advice i.e. marital estrangement, impotence, premature ejaculation, courtship confidence, etc.


My signature intuitive Tantric style developed over years of practice with the mind, body and soul. It’s a powerfully cathartic experience designed to encourage full surrender into all sensation and feeling as bliss blossoms from within and throughout one’s entire being. On a more significant level it can drastically strengthen connection with oneself and special others extending to the wider world as one chooses. It awakens the potential for living a deeply enriching and euphoric existence.

Begins with a greeting, consult for clarity on intentions, meditation, the option of being positioned on a massage table or futon with cushions for comfort as required and the choice of being half or fully nude. Followed by touch and massage with feathers, fingertips, palms, arms, elbows, knees, breath, strong holding and caress and assisted stretches across the whole body, sounding, supine meditation or nidra and delicious treats to ground and finish.

(Please note: your boundaries are up to you to set for this session. This session can involve massage to breasts, lingham, yoni and/or prostate. Please request what you seek specifically from the session so I can adapt accordingly)



Tantric Consultation
$60 — 30 minutes
$120 — 60 minutes

White Dakini Tantric Massage
$500 — 60 minutes
— 90 minutes

10% All profits donated to the Rainforest Trust
Credit card and EFTPOS payments accepted.

Contact Charlotte
[email protected]
+61 466 989 111


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